Best Face Forward

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We all want to look our best, right?  It’s a  timeless statement, which is especially relevant in today’s society.  Cameras everywhere at all times of day and night is a constant reminder that everyone, men and women, can use that extra boost of help to bring their confidence and look to the next level.

Two years ago I had the pleasure of meeting a gentleman by the name of Ramy at a holiday party.  After a mutual friend told him I was a photographer, he began to tell me about his expertise as an celebrity eyebrow expert as well as his own makeup line, RAMY Beauty Therapy.

Fast-forward to about a year ago, Ramy asked if I would be interested in shooting all of his latest products and packaging.  Following our photo shoot he suggested I try some of the products, just to see how amazing they really are.

As someone who is always out in public, constantly in the scene, and even having my photo taken as of recent,  always trying to look my best is important.  No stranger to a little touch up here and there, I was very open to his suggestion.   That being said, I have tried many differently lines of ‘the best products on the market’ and most, well, aren’t.

This time, however, was different.  Ramy was right!   His ‘Liqui-Powder’ foundation went on like silk, blending perfectly to my skin tone.  His ‘Alive’ blush/bronzer was the perfect shade and brought out my features without looking made up.  The quality and long lasting value of his line lived up to all of his words.   I have never received so many compliments or felt so self-confident with my skin and eyebrows since I began using his products.  I simply reply, ‘courtesy of RAMY Cosmetics.’


RAMY Cosmetics are available at LOOK Boutiques at Walgreens nationally and Duane Reade in Manhattan as well as at www.Ramy.comDiva Creme-fresh Liqui-Powder Elixir by Andrew Werner Alive - Ramy Cosmetics by Andrew Werner

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